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To My Readers

To My Readers

The legal profession is in the midst of dramatic change. All the old rules, habits and protocols that defined the law as a profession…are long gone. This rate and severity of change, combined with the intense desire to succeed has created a sea of anxiety and fear among legal professionals. We are all trying to find our place in this new world. Some are adapting, yet most others resist or find that they do not have the knowledge, tools…or self-assurance to do so. And they don’t know where to turn for help.

The help you need is finally here.

I have been deeply entrenched in the turmoil of this profession since the mid 1990’s. First as a lawyer, now as a prominent legal consultant and recruiter. My work with high profile companies, law firms and scores of lawyers and aspiring lawyers has placed my finger on the pulse of how this profession is evolving. And has enabled me to determine the best ways for legal professionals to adapt – and thrive.

I created The Lawyer Whisperer to help you navigate this sea of change and provide you with the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to chart your course to professional and personal happiness. I created it to help mitigate your fears and provide you with tools and strategies. I created it to demonstrate…in every response to every question and in the comments from other group members…that nothing is impossible and your goals can be achieved. I created it to empower you to get there.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this together – and seek the same thing: a fulfilling career…and a happy life. The fact that you’re a member of this group shows that you deeply care about these goals. So as you read my posts, I hope every experience is a positive one – and you the find value, support and inspiration you need to continue on your path of success.

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"The Lawyer Whisperer posts are always wise, thoughtful, well written and leave you with new ideas - I try not to miss a post. "
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