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  • What is the Lawyer Whisperer and how does this site work? The Lawyer Whisperer has been called “The Dear Abby for Lawyers” and other legal professionals. Group members submit career and other professionally related questions to The Lawyer Whisperer…and I provide responses that include market information, my professional opinion and/or career advice. One question is posted each day of the work week…along with my response. Sometimes, I post my thoughts on specific topics I believe are inspiring or essential for a successful career and life.  
  • Do you write all the responses to the questions asked? Yes. I read every question and write every response that is published on the site. Every one. There are no other content contributors or editors who assist me.
  • How long does it take for The Lawyer Whisperer to answer my question once I submit it? I do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible. But given the number of questions I receive, it may be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before I can publish your question with my advice.
  • Do you reword the questions submitted to you? Most of the time, yes. Many of the questions I receive are very long – primarily because members want to provide detail and context for their questions. So I typically shorten or summarize them before they are published on the site.
  • If I want to post a comment to a question, will it publish on the site immediately?  For the most part…Yes. There is a very short turnaround time before submission and publishing. The range can be from “right away” to 24 hours.
  • What happens if a member submits an inappropriate comment? Any inappropriate content will be removed immediately and will not be published.
  • Can I become a sponsor of The Lawyer Whisperer? Yes. Sponsorship opportunities are available. If you are interested in becoming a media partner, click here or on the “Sponsorship” tab at the top of the webpage and submit your request.
  • Do you sell or share your member information with other 3rd parties? No!  And I never will. Ever.

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"Julie is the Dear Abby for lawyers. Her column is one of a kind."
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